International Journal of Technological Exploration and Learning ISSN: 2319-2135

Author guidelines

The Journal welcomes the submission of original manuscript that meet the criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

All manuscript in IJTEL Template must be submitted through email to the IJTEL at:


Manuscripts submitted to the journal are accepted on the basis of following criteria: 

Manuscripts must be original work of authors, not copied from other's.

Manuscripts must be in English and in MS Word format

Manuscripts must not be published in whole or in part in any other journal or must not be submitted in other publication.

The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of all authors must be provided.

Authors must state in a covering letter when submitting papers for publication the novelty embodied in their work or in the approach taken in their research.

manuscript type

IJTEL accepts original and innovative research workin English language on the understanding that the work is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

  • Original Research Papers
  • Case studies
  • Survey articles
  • Review articles
  • Scientific Notes
  • Technical Reports
  • Short Communication
  • Project Work

format and style

Text of manuscript should be arranged in the following order: Title, Authors, Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Literature Survey, Problem Definition, Proposed System, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References.

Title: Title should be short and explanatory enough.(Style: paper title)

Author: Authors are arranged in column view (Style: author)

Affiliation: Affiliation of each author must be clear (Style: affiliation)

Abstract: Abstract should be of no more than 350 words for brief reports and 450 words for original articles and other article types. .(Style: abstract)

Introduction: (Style: Heading 1)

Literatute Review : (Style: Heading 1)

Problem Definition : (Style: Heading 1)

Proposed Work : (Style: Heading 1)

Experiments Results : (Style: Heading 1)

References/Bibliography: (Style: references)

Styles for components of papers:

Headings: All the main headings will be in style "Heading 1"

Subheading: For sub headings style "Heading 2" to "Heading 4 " are defined.

Special Heading: Style for special heading iis "Heading 5"

Paragraphs : Style: Body Text

Figures : Style: figure caption

Tables: table head

IJTEL Template is a "live" document. The various components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] are already defined on the style sheet, as illustrated by the portions given in the Template. The template is used to format your paper and style the text. All margins, column widths, line spaces, and text fonts are prescribed; please do not alter them.

Prepare your paper before Styling

Before you begin to format your paper, first write and save the content as a separate text file. Keep your text and graphic files separate until after the text has been formatted and styled. Do not use hard tabs, and limit use of hard returns to only one return at the end of a paragraph. Do not add any kind of pagination anywhere in the paper. Do not number text heads-the template will do that for you.

Using the Template

Duplicate the template file by using the Save As command, and use the naming convention prescribed by journal for the name of your paper. In this newly created file, highlight all of the contents and import your prepared text file. You are now ready to style your paper; use the scroll down window on the left of the MS Word Formatting toolbar.

You can press ctrl+shift+S to open style sheet of the template.

Page Layout 
Your manuscript must use a page size corresponding to A4 which is 210mm (8.27") wide and 297mm (11.69") long. The margins must be set as follows:
Top = 0. 5"
Bottom = 0. 5"
Left = 0.7
Right = 0. 6"

The detailed formatting and style is given in the IJTEL Template itself. Read the Template carefully before youstart formatting.