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There is no subscription charges for accessing IJTEL content. All the issues are freely available. IJTEL offers open access publication to encourage research.
In order to save the cost of printing and publishing, IJTEL is available in online mode only. So, no hardcopies were provided. However, we are offering free downloading and printing of IJTEL published issues, for your perusal purpose.

Processing Charges

There is no charge for processing of paper but author of each accepted paper is required to pay publication charges which are:

  • For International Authors
  • 120 USD
  • For Indian Authors
  • 2500 INR
  • For Certificate (Hardcopy)
  • This facility is available for Indian Authors Only.
  • Hardcopy of Cerificates are FREE
  • (Max 3 Copies)

*All the transaction Charges/ Service charges including Online Transaction Charges, Intercity Charges, Wire Transfer Charges, Processing Charges (if any) will be paid by the authors.